Special Edition 2017

Special Edition

October 4th – 14th, 2017
lnstitut français Milano
Corso Magenta, 63 – Milan

“La Grande Occasione”, the special edition of center of production and contemporary art festival Video Sound Art. The protagonist will be the french artist Hoël Duret, who will present, for the first time in Italy, his new production NFT pH<7.

The second section of the festival, in continuity with the previous one, is dedicate to the theme of Dwelling intended as “to be everywhere in one’s own house” as Ugo La Pietra, guest of the festival last May, puts it; the title of the the special edition references the homonymous film made by La Pietra in 1973. After the works by Yuri Ancarani, Ugo La Pietra and Bibi Yamamoto, which last may inhabited the spaces of the Fonderia Battaglia and the Palazzina of the Bagni Misteriosi, the reflection made on Dwelling is explored by a site specific installation by Duret, who focuses on dwelling reconstructing the history of landscape: from the English experiments on city planning to the birth of National Park in the United States.

The program will include screenings and talks led by personalities from the art worlds, theorists and experts of the relationship between artistic production and landscape.

The festival was realised with the support of the Comune di MilanoRegione LombardiaFondazione Nuovi Mecenati and in collaboration with Institut français Milano.

Video Sound Art since 2011 produces and exhibits selected works by young artists, juxtaposing the latter with pieces by established artists. The idea is to create a visibility network and support the development of new projects throughout the year, working as mediator between artist, galleries and foundations.